Kitchenware purchase stainless steel colander price and cleaning method introduction

  stainless steel colander is one of the indispensable kitchenware in our kitchen. with the continuous improvement of pe...

Introduction of egg-laying device

  egg-playing device, used to mix egg whites and egg yolk into the full integration into egg liquid, egg whites and egg ...

  • 052019/07

    Several Kinds of Tools Used in Baking

    1. egg beateregg beaters are divided into manual and electric ones.manual egg beater is stirred by manual force, which can easily control the frequency of stirring. it is suitable for materials that are easy to stir evenly, such as when stirring egg yolk paste; while electric egg beater has a w...

  • 052019/07

    How to Use Tea Leak

    tea funnel is also known as tea hopper, and tea spoon, tea needle, tea clip, tea rules, tea tube collectively known as the six gentlemen of tea ceremony. when in use, the tea leak is placed at the mouth of the pot, and then the tea leaves are put into the tea leak. this can stabilize the teapot...

  • 132017/04

    The effect of different squeezing methods of two kinds of commonly used mounted flower mouths

      determine the cake appearance of the key factors, only a single-mounted flower mouth, as long as the intentions can also make perfect decoration.  in the online or professional bakery shops, we can see a variety of mounted flower mouth, there can be parallel extrusion, unilateral serrated mou...

  • 122017/04

    Did you use the right tea leak? Teach you the correct use of tea

      often their tea friends all know that tea leakage, is that we pour tea soup into a fair cup will be used to filter the end of tea filter. the effect of the tea leakage is to make the tea soup clearer, so as to better observe the color. however, the experience of tea can be realized that the u...